Full On Fall Burger

18 Oct
Full on Fall Burger

Full on Fall Burger

With it being October burger places are going for one of two themes with their monthly specials, Octoberfest or Fall. Since I was loaded up on fall items from my CSA, I decided to go for the later. What ensued was something which had never been attempted in burger form (at least according to the internet). The mind works in mysterious ways. Continue reading


Quick Post: NON BURGER: spaghetti carbonara with lamb bacon, snap peas, delicata squash

6 Oct


Spaghetti Carbonara with lamb bacon from Sterling Lamb, snap peas from Cold Springs Farm CSA, recipe from The Farm: Rustic Recipes for a Year of Incredible Food
. Delicata squash oven roasted with butter/brown sugar from Cold Springs Farm CSA. Continue reading

Burrata Your Mind Burger

4 Oct


I tried burrata for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this crazy cheese earlier? Tasting burrata for the first time was an eye opening experience. Let’s just say the rest of the meal was a calculated effort to determine how much burrata I could eat without seeming like a hog. Continue reading

The Conquistador

20 Sep

conquistador3 The idea for the Conquistador started off with a Spanish ingredient, then veered it way into Central/South America, just like its namesake. While the spirit and (a certain) body part of the conquistadors is unquestionable, so was their treatment of people (why do we have Columbus Day again?). The Conquistador Burger aims to veer off in a new direction from its’ predecessors in this regards and make people feel sated, or possibly this happy. Continue reading

Chimi Chimi Bang Bang

30 Aug


I remember watching Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang on a VCR. This is something I will tell my kids one day when I am telling them how easy their life is (or maybe when I tell them about how good looking Dick Van Dyke was). As they roll their eyes at me I will continue to lament to them about the time I made a burger named after this movie, even though it had no real relation to it at all, it just sounded cool. The Chimi-Chimi-Bang-Bang Burger. Continue reading

The Pizza Burger

16 Aug

pizza burger  bitch

If you want to thank someone for the return of the pizza burger, thank this guy. It was the burger he requested for his birthday and one I had not made in much too long.  I lost the mushrooms and put the sauce on the burger while it was still on the griddle then melted the cheese over. The result, a delicious birthday burger. Continue reading

Americana Burger

2 Aug


I recently went to The Company Burger in New Orleans and was blown away by the simple, deliciousness of their burger. Most of the burger connoisseurs always say they prefer the classic American burger. So this week I went for something simple. Something which closely resembles a certain Southern Californian fast food chain. Continue reading